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History Tellers Resource Material is available in English and French!


How to Pay and download resources:

1. Contact Deb (historytellerscanada@gmail.com) > (Deb will personally reply)

2. Pay by E-transfer  (or arrange to send cheque) > ( sorry Credit card payment NOT available> still small potatoe company :0)

3. Deb accepts you as a "Member" after payment is made > (Click on member page)

4. Download resources. > Have fun learning Canadian history with History Tellers! 

Member Download Includes: 

  • 1. Teaching Resource- (download only) - in Colour > 48 Summary pages, Thumbnail Pics & description, Simon- hand action

  • 2. Student Album (download only) 48 B&W Line Drawings (suitable for colouring, or political cartoons, scrapbook pages 

  • 3. Google Slides doc - (Download only) 48 event pages> completely coloured >....print a timeline for your room! 

  • 4. Instructional video(s) - (Download ) All events & hand action "How to's".... broken into "Pillars and events" for easy access


Copyright Information: ​


#1 Individual /personal purchase  (Resources same as Member download above>  $100.00 + S&H + (GST not applicable)

allows the teacher to copy the resources for their exclusive use.


  • It is for his/her classrooms only

  • It is NOT intended that you share with other teachers, staff, family or friends

  • History Tellers' copyrights ( images, hand actions and spoken headline caption) are for the sole purpose of learning Canadian history -History Tellers

  • History Tellers'  (4 package resource kit as described above> Member download)   $100.00 + S&H + (GST not applicable)


#2 School Site License and Copyright Agreement allows all the teachers in the school to copy the resources for the school only. (Teachers should not take the HT resources with them if they leave the school as the license belongs to the school. 

Resources same as "Member download" above


Site-License Agreement & Copyright first/ initial year                              $ 250.00 + (GST not applicable)


Shipping & Handling                                                                            $  15.00 > $25.00 + (GST not applicable)


Copyright Yearly renewal                                                                     $  50.00 + (GST not applicable)



For more information or to order resources contact: historytellerscanada@gmail.com 



HT Live!    Teacher and Student Development Live!


Deb would be delighted to come to your school and present History Tellers to your staff for a Professional Development day, or she can do an exciting 2 or 4 hour seminar with your students. Costumes, games, improv. and student show-casing are just a few aspects of the amazing HT seminar. Students love it and will surely be hooked on history forever!


2 hour seminar = $200.00  plus travel @.55km + GST


4 hour seminar = $400.00 plus travel  @.55km + GST


For more information or to order resources contact: historytellerscanada@gmail.com