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Watch Deb Kobza demonstrate History Tellers

in English and French,

assisted by translator 

Professor Monique Auguste. 

The Author

Deborah Kobza

Deborah had a vision to create a simplified overview of Canadian history, an overview where no one would be left out or left behind in learning it.  


With a pioneering spirit and a purpose beyond herself she laboured for three years bringing forth a talking timeline called "History Tellers"!


History Tellers is truly an extraordinary accomplishment. There is nothing out there like it.  Lives and learning are being changed and touched with this unique multi-sensory method of learning.

HT English Teaching Resource w red cover

What is History Tellers?

History Tellers is a multi-sensory learning method for teaching an overview of Canadian history. 48 main events are "spoken" with hand-actions-in 90 seconds!  

The History Tellers' resource pkg. comes with 3 parts: 

#1 Teaching Resource:  48 pdf summary pages with thumbnail pics & descriptions. Each event has 3-8 concise bullet points. HT provides a minimum of facts for the events, allowing its framework to be adaptable for teacher-directed curriculum outcomes.   

#2 Black & White Line Drawings : 48 pdf B&W line drawings of the big picture-images representing key people, places

and events. The professional cartoon pictures are loaded with thought provoking imagery and are suitable for colouring, political cartoons and scrapbook pages. 

#3 Coloured Images: 48 pdf fully coloured big picture-images representing key people, places and events. Teachers and students enjoy studying the "picture-in-pictures". These pictures are ready to print as a timeline for your room! 

** Each booklet contains a "Simon" hand action picture!  

History Tellers is in English & French!  In Alberta, Canada it has been successfully used for; Div II & III, Home-educators, English Language Learners and Challenged learners. 


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